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Your event may also be a good fit for new Cloud-based technologies, such as                              

Thanks to these new platform, you can be anywhere, including your own home, and still have access to high quality simultaneous interpreting.
All you need is a laptop with access to a video camera and good quality headsets if you are a presenter or if you want to talk/be seen, or even just your smart phone or  iPad if you are just listening to a webinar or a presentation.


I am certified as a Kudo interpreter, and I am familiar with several other platforms.

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For simultaneous interpreting, you will need equipment.

I'll be happy to help you decide what kind of equipment is the most effective solution for your event.

I can help you rent a traditional booth, or portable radio equipment, or one of the newest Internet-based systems just let me know what your event is like, and I'll tell you what works best, in my experience






This is my go-to portable kit for small events, up to 30-50 participants.
It's a bi-directional radio system, working on two difference frequencies,

one for the speaker/interpreter pair, and a different one for the interpreter/participant pair.
The  speaker uses a device with a lapel microphone, I hear their voice though my own device, with my own headsets. I interpret into my own boom microphone. 

Participants hear my voice through their device/headsets.
I can sit in the same room, though at a distance from the participants, so I won't disturb them.

No need for a booth, but excellent sound quality on both sides.
This works very well for groups of financial advisors listening to presentations from asset management companies, for example

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